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"Sun’s Out Fun’s Out"- How To Spend Summer Days

I like a teacher who gives learners something to take home to think about besides home work.

Summer holidays are always a means of rejuvenation and relaxation. It becomes fun time for learners which begin with the last bell ringing in school before vacations as they get ready to enjoy the summer retreat. It is a time when learners can relax and enjoy their free time. It is a time to catch up on rest, spend time with family and friends, and explore new hobbies or interests. For many of them, summer vacation is also a time to continue learning and improving their English skills.

A special assembly was conducted for the Pre Toddlers where educators explained how to spend summer days exhibiting different activities through drama. They shared some great tips on do's and don'ts for a healthier and enjoyable summer vacations.

Learners vibrant faces were shining bright as it was time to take a break from their regular activities and spend time with their families. They parted happily with a promise to abide by the do's and don’ts discussed in assembly and come back energized with more dynamism and vitality after summer vacations.

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