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Teacher's Day Celebration

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

A teacher is someone who nourishes the souls of the students for a lifetime.

5th September is celebrated as a Teacher’s day. We celebrated it in our school Shree H.J. Gajera English Medium School Primary Section, Katargam Branch on 4th September,2021. Our students became Educator’s of different Subjects. We have arranged Assembly and all our little teachers introduced themselves and delivered their Speech. All the little teacher had taught well and enjoy teaching and realize how difficult the role as an Educators. They come to know about the importance of Teachers. In Break time all little teachers had taken Breakfast which is provided by our School. The little teachers are honoured with small gift, special cards prepared by our Art teachers. Student-teachers got blessed by their Guru’s.

Our Educators enjoyed the day by observing class taken by Student Teachers. The students teachers who ever played the role of Principal and Vice principal and other teachers they also enjoyed today. During celebration different photography has done. All the students educators play nice role as per their potential. we have honored our Art teachers with Gift card who has prepared different cards for Educators We remembered Dr. Sarvapalli RadhaKrishna whose birthday is celebrated as Teacher’s Day. We had learnt a lot from the thinking of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishna . He has given us Good thought on education. If we follow him then definitely our Education system makes progress.

At last. We remember all the guru’s who have contributed a lot for education. Happy Teacher’s day to all the educators.

"You taught us like a Teacher, Protected us like our parents and guided us like a Mentor. You truly deserve this day so much. Happy Teacher's Day to most Beloved Teacher"

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