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Becoming a teacher requires strong conviction and utmost commitment. With great patience and wisdom, a teacher imparts knowledge to his or her students so that they may learn and grow, becoming solid, upstanding members of society. Instilling the virtues of honesty, patience, and perseverance, a teacher is fully dedicated to the betterment of his/her students. They inspire, guide, mentor, encourage, serve as role models, and are akin to parents outside the home. A teacher-student relationship is the most selfless of all relations. This year, with the current global pandemic, it was even more essential to take time to thank teachers and staff who have had to adapt and change their entire teaching system, in extremely small time frames, all while keeping a smile and consistently inspiring their students. It is undeniable that teachers have been under a huge strain during the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, rushing to set up virtual classrooms, produce digital content, re-design lessons and ensure that all students are being supported adequately.

Occasions are many and each celebration is a perfect time for strengthening the relations. One such occasion that celebrates the pious relationship between students and teachers is Teacher’s day. Teacher’s day celebration is always great fun for students as they dress up as their teachers and get the chance to teach their juniors. To make this day worth memorable, a surprise celebration was organized by students for all the teachers, as a token of love, respect, and gratitude.

Students had been preparing for the grand event for more than a week. It was an appreciable show dedicated to their teachers. The students undertook a great effort in decorating the hall with intricate detailing and ensured that teachers are engaged and enjoy the event thoroughly. The event started with a melodious prayer followed by phenomenal dance performances, innovative music, drama, and speech. All the teachers thoroughly enjoyed the event. There were giggles echoing all around the hall. It was a memorable day for all the teachers and they all thanked students for making the day so special for them, to carry along rest of the life.

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