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"Teachers Day Celebration"

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Teachers impart not just education but also values. They are the backbones of our education system and supports the upbringing of numerous students. On the occasion of National Teacher’s Day our school honored the hard work of its teachers through a day of celebrations and blessings. The celebrations began with a to take the blessings of almighty God. The ritual brought a spiritual calmness and unity in everyone present.

Teacher’s Day is celebrated just like a festival to properly appreciate teachers for all the efforts and sacrifices they made to brighten the student’s life and future.

To realize the importance of the same two parents from each class were called to be a teacher for a day and be in the class as an educators. They understood that how hard teacher’s job is and appreciated teacher’s efforts and expressed their gratitude towards them.

On that day, senior students took on the responsibility of teaching as a gratitude to our teachers. The competition had been organized for them. All of them performed very nicely and they all were felicitated with the token of love for their hard work.

As it was the day for the teachers, special get together was planned for them wherein lots of fun and mesmerizing games were planned which was enjoyed by an educators. Principal and Vice Principal appreciated the efforts put in by the teachers and motivated them to keep up the same in future.

The entire programmed was applauded by everyone present and will always remain a beautiful memory in the hearts of one and all present. After the program it was time to dive into delicious refreshment which was relished by all.

In the end, all the students thank all the teachers for providing a great education. In conclusion, peace, fun, delicious food and intellectual discussion, a perfect way to enjoy such an important day. Happy Teacher’s Day!

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