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The First Day Of School

It's that time of year again! You wake up in a sweat, shaken from the dream where your clock doesn't go off and you are late. You know what I am referring to - "The First Day Of School." Whether educator or learner, we all have mixed feelings of excitement and fear about that day.

Learners also come in the school with lots of expectations, questions and memories. Some may feel happy and some feel hesitate too. And yes that's okay to feel such kind of emotions.

To ensure a fruitful scholastic year, open your door to new opportunities and experiences. On the first day of school, some of the children say 'hello' to one another and some may cry too. They introduce themselves to new comers, be welcoming and meet them. It takes a simple 'hello' to start a blossoming friendship.

Though it takes you a while to get out of 'summer mode' and to get into the scholastic mindset.

In our school, we welcome our learners by doing 'Traditional Tika' and by gifting them cartoon pencils. Our school had arranged some games to make the students happy and comfortable.

The first day of a school is a chance at a fresh start.

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