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Today A Reader, Always A Leader.

Teaching literacy to students means that they are given the ability to communicate clearly and effectively and form the foundation of modern life.

Reading is one of those skills that our little learners can improve memory and critical thinking skills. And best part of reading is that activities like reading have been linked to a lower risk of Alzheimer's decease.

"EDUCATION is most powerful WEAPON which you can use to change the WORLD."

Tips to Help Students Build Better Reading Skills.

• Annotate and highlight text. Teach your students to highlight and underline valuable information as they read.

• Practice problem solving skills.

• Incorporate more senses.

• Understand common themes.

• Set reading goals.

• Read in portions.

• Let students guide their reading.

Literacy means the ability to read and write. Usually, people learn how to read and write at school. People who can read and write are called literate; those who cannot are called illiterate. According to UNESCO, illiteracy is not being able to write or read a simple.


1. Reading Makes You More Empathetic-

Reading is a way to escape your own life, and can take you to faraway lands.

2. Reading Keeps Your Brain Healthy-

Just as exercise helps your body to stay healthier for a long period of time, reading is an exercise that helps keep your brain fit.

Improves brain connectivity-

Just like physical exercise for your cardiovascular system, reading regularly improves memory function by giving your brain a good workout.

Students need literacy in order to get engaged with the written word in everyday life. Think of how often you use your own reading skills in everyday life. Being able to read and write means being able to keep up with current events, communicate effectively, and understand the issues that are shaping our world.

Reading is the process of taking in the sense or meaning of letters, symbols, etc., especially by sight or touch.

Thus when we inculcate the habit of reading in our little ones we help them to build them up all by their selves ,giving words to their imagery and ultimately create future leaders of the century right from their ripe kinder years.

Take another steps...
Let's get together and be LITRATES...
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