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Virtual Meeting with Parents

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.”

Every year we begin our academic session in the month of June with a fresh start. Excited learners in class, scent of new books, energetic activities in the grounds, unprocessed creative ideas of learners to work on are the few things that we look up to. But as we all saw, this year was totally poles apart from others. With unexpected turns and twists we sailed through the rough storms of this pandemic. What else, we succeeded. Online classes, online activities, no meeting with learners, online exams while limited PEMs with sparse number of parents. These hurdles were overcome with the vigorous hard work and persistent efforts of the educators and school management. Imparting online education is not a cup of tea to be done without any prior training, but it was learnt by all educators in short time. Educators not only imparted online education through Google Meet, but also continuously prepared study material in the form of Notes, Worksheets and Videos concerning their syllabus. Even online exams were conducted as per schedule and assessed.

But among these things, the most support that we obtained was from the parents of these little learners. Providing mobiles for the online class, sitting with them after class for reviewing the taught portion for doing revision of taught topics, collecting assignments and worksheets from school and submitting them in time; the parents did all that and more.

Looking into the vast efforts of the parents and to appreciate them, our management conducted a virtual PEM on 19th May, 2021 (Wednesday). It was hosted by our revered Trustee Ms. Kinjal Gajera Ma'am, who we look upon for new ideas and our Principal ma’am Ms. Sonia Budhiraja. The agenda of the meeting was to get a review of this academic session which has come to an end and to get new ideas and suggestion for the upcoming session. The output of the meeting was very beneficial to us. We got the feedback from the parents and few well thought queries from them which were answered. Along with this, Ms Kinjal Gajera Ma'am discussed about the changes that we are going to impart for making the learner develop holistically. New innovative programmes, fun based activities, new amenities to be provided by school as well as how to fill out a nurturing mind with new ideas combined with unceasing force of nature.

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