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Virtual Parents Meeting

The Onset of the academic year 2020/2021 did experience a drastic change in terms of imparting knowledge to our little kids too, due to the sudden arrival of the pandemic-COVID 19 ;we educators who hesitated to give our little kids the mobile handsets in their hand even to play had to willingly give them the handsets on our own so that they can study and grasp their academics and be with their studies rather than being deprived of it, of course it was challenging then, but our Educators adopted the methodology of imparting online education too quickly, thanks to our school core group management ,that had been training them about giving video lectures way ahead; We did conduct online assessments, Exams for our kids online with ease and smooth flow.

Our Management is always ready to cater something new and innovative to our kids, and also are concerned to know and listen to the concerns of the parents and society on the whole, so as to bring some positive changes and give a fruitful output to and for our regular academics;

In lieu to this Virtual Parents meeting was conducted on 12/5/2021(Saturday) which was conducted by our Young, energetic, enthusiast -Trustee Miss Kinjal. Gajera.

She not only answered the various academic questions and queries of our Pre-Primary parents but also provided them with an insight so as to how to nurture the young ones keeping them one with nature. Ma’am also discussed and explained parents about the upcoming innovative programs for our little learners and also the vision of our Trust to make the children learn with fun providing them all the facilities and amenities to acquire Holistic knowledge. Ma’am also quoted about the importance and impact of Online classes on the kids and showed us how useful it is as of now;

Parents welcomed the thoughts of our Trustee Ma’am and thanked the Management and the Educators for providing such a blissful teaching learning environment for their little kids.

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