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"We’d Like 2 Meet U"

Open House provides the big opportunity to work for the learners development. It is the day to assure educators that they have the parent’s full support and cooperation in the upbringing of the child. This gives parents an opportunity to meet with their children’s educators personally.

Gajera school provides such opportunities regularly to build long term relationship with the parents and update following things.

  • Main objective was to show the learners grades of 1st Term Assessment.

  • Learners punctuality, discipline, class behavior, co-curricular activities and the academic performance is shared in-depth.

  • The areas of strength and improvement were shared with the parents.

  • Educators enlightened the parents by telling about all the achievements of their ward in the sort of interest.

  • They also embrace any suggestion given by the parents for better practice of their ward.

Therefore, in order to make the open day a successful and meaningful gathering; Parents, Educators And Learners must come together, co-operate and communicate in the best possible manner during this occasion as our prime concern is to shape them into an integrated personality.

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