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"Webinar on “Creative Online Classes”

Educator is a lamp that lights the path of life .and teachers' s also plant seeds of knowledge which lasts forever.

Gajera Farm School organized the educators training programmer , how to create the online classes more effective and creative so that the learners can take more interest in online classes. Webinar on Creative Online Classes was taken by Neha Gandhi from President: Jain Social Group – Sangini. Her qualification is M.A in Literature, also done Diploma in Yoga from Somnath Sanskrit University. (1st in order of Merit) , taken Trainer’s Training Program for Holistic Personality Development.

Developing strong attitudes towards learning can help learners overcome some of the potential challenges posed by online learning such as, for instance, remaining focused during online classes or maintaining sufficient motivation. Positive attitudes towards learning, self-regulation and intrinsic motivation to learn play an important role in improving performance at school in general, but may be especially important should online learning continue.

She gave us to best training for the virtual classes and also discussed with educators that learners are not only learners but also they are good observer. Preprimary Educators should interact with learners according to their details and appreciate to them. She also gave the training of body language and expression of face and how to interact with learners.

In this webinar all educators learnt many effective methods of teaching.

This training was so wonderful for all educator's and they follow daily schedule in their class room definitely so that they will get good results from learners.

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