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Today has been a momentous day for our school. The kids are back! The regular physical school for class 1st to 5th began from today. The children were overjoyed to come back to school after 2 long years. Sitting in benches mesmerized, heeding to the educator word to word and playing on slides and musical chair was what done by the little learners of class 1st and 2nd. The day for them began with dhols.

The children were welcomed with pomp and show where drums were played, tilak was applied on their forehead to maintain the tradition of our school as well as a welcome gift was given to these children. Looking at these children enjoying and studying in school campus was a big relief to all of us. Since, we were missing them a lot. A school does not feel like a school if there are no children in it. In spite of having contact with them through online class, when the children came, the educators too felt good.

We are fortunate at Shree H. J. Gajera English Medium School to be able to meet the standard guidelines, and in many instances, exceed them. We have physical distancing in every classroom where the learners are seated. Our cohort entrances and handwashing stations worked well this afternoon. It is also a testament to our learners’ characters that everyone understood and respected the importance of the new protocols to keep everyone in the community safe. This, in conjunction with the processes laid out in the Return to School SOP, gives us even greater confidence that we are minimizing the risk to everyone’s health, safety and wellness.

So thank you to everyone involved in today’s re-entry to school; learners, staff, parents and other family members. We are happy to be back.

Here’s to staying safe and healthy, and having a return to regular school learning.

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