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Updated: Dec 11, 2021

December is the month of joy, happiness and finishing what we started. And with this we arrive to the end of the year, 2020.

In the year 2020, we have noticed a variety of changes in our educational field. The transformation that was expected to occur in the foreseeable future has pushed all limits and entered into mainstream academics due to the pandemic COVID-19. Against all odds Gajera Trust had previously introduced its own online platform since 2015 and some components of online communication had already been introduced to all Gajerians.

It was the scale and speed of change that brought new challenges for the school. The transition from a traditional classroom to an online classroom had to happen overnight and educators, learners and school management had no choice but to start immediately. School groups on a social platform, which were created to work as a backup support system for school announcements, changed purposes overnight and turned into a place for educators to share their ideas and exchange whatever online resources they prepared. Fortunately, educators had learned enough IT skills either on their own or with the help of the IT team to be able to run an online class and deal with various technical difficulties. They had familiarized themselves with apps such as google meet and many tried to blend more than one platform into their teaching. In cases where learners did not have access to high-speed internet, educators contacted them by phone. As time passed, educators became more comfortable with online classes. Not only have the assessments seen a change in form and frequency, lesson plans, activities, competitions designed for online classes had to vary, considering the limitations and possibilities of such cases.

Our school is known for generously observe variety of activities, clubs and celebrations. No one wanted to skip this due to the current scenario. But planning an event where we bring together the educator and the learners for its success requires lot of groundwork and planning. It is not limited to classroom or school campus anymore. It’s live. Not only the learners and educators have the knowledge of what is going on but even the parents have an access to the proceedings. Overcoming all such barriers day after day and month after month we are organizing diversified events where not only the educators and learners play a vital role but even the parents and grandparents do not step back in taking part.

Since June month a continual orchestration of days and celebrations has taken place. Few of them were for the learners like Elocution competition, Poster making competition, Logo designing competition, Ad-Mad competition, Banner creating competition, Storytelling competition, etc. Educators also encouraged the learners to create tremendous videos on World Heart Day , Kisan Diwas , National Mathematics Day,National Energy Conservation Day, Christmas Day, etc.The learners who have shifted to the villages in this pandemic also kept on taking part in every event that were organized.

They too didn’t want to miss out on any of them. Whenever any important day approaches every Gajerian waits eagerly for a message regarding the next celebration. In almost all competitions the participation is 100%. But the most important part among all these activities is the MAKERS’ DAY which is unfailingly celebrated every year in the month of October.

This year too the educators and learners were waiting zealously for the announcement about the launch of this great fest. For the whole month the fest was executed. The learners participated under zones of CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, SYNERGY & SOCIAL in different competitions. This year the fest was INTER-SCHOOL. Not only Gajerians but learners from other schools also participated. Educators were appointed as mentors to train the learners and a stupendous number of participation happened. For final judgement, judges who were master in the field of the concerned zones were invited and results were declared. It was a huge success.

In these 7 months the learners had a rich experience of many activities and a lot is yet to come. We wish that the year 2021 will also be a successful year for all.

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.”

And with this we wish you all A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021.

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