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What we Learn, Who we are !

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

"LIMITATION live only in our MINDS, But if we use our IMAGINATIONS, Our POSSIBILITIES become LIMITLESS"

"Imagination is more important than knowledge because imagination is the only thing that can open ups our minds".

Imagination is basically the ability of human beings to explore ideas and concept that are not present in their current life. It helps learners to understand the world around them.

Imagination help learners to express themselves verbally and physically, act, react, interact and try out different roles and scenarios within the safe boundaries of their own making.

How imagination shapes us up...

  • Builds self confidence.

  • Increase Intellect.

  • Growth practice.

  • Language skill.

"LOGIC will get you A to Z, IMGINATION will take you Everywhere."

Since past many years our little learners here at the Gajera Vidaybhavan, Katargam (Pre Primary Section) get impetus to explore their imagination in their own little unique ways. Some of them created their own world like they made their airplane fly in the water, fish swim in the air, walking trees, etc. Very freely they just gave wings to their thoughts and added colors to their imagination, enjoying and celebrating the blissful childhood.

Mind is very powerful tool being a strong platform for imagination. Our little learners mind act as a tool to transfer their ideas into reality. With imagination they can enjoy more artistic experience and expressions.

Through imagination learners develop their confidence, creativity, etc. And also learners present their thoughts, feelings through picture. Observing and seeing to which our educators come to know the thoughts going on in their mind. Thus imagination is an ongoing process.

Imagination represents the ability to envision the possible in all things. The imagination is something that we can educate. We can enrich this capacity in our students as they learn all aspects of the curriculum.

How does the imagination work?

  • It's thought that imagination involves a network that helps share information across different regions of the brain.

  • It's involved in creating mental pictures of that world, meaning that what we imagine is shaped by what we see all the time.

  • Imagination conveys truths that reality hides and stimulate us to create new knowledge.

  • It allows us to explore the past and to imagine the future.

  • It can give a positive approach to our experiences. It is a great tool for recreating and remodeling your world.

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