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"Winter is not a season it's a celebration"

winter is the best part of the season

There is something magical about winter time but all the days start to get a little shorter and a lot colder. It's easy to lose sight of the sense of wonder.

Ohhh...Winter the coolly days, stay home and catch up on quite times, in this season we have to pay attention for our lifestyle like staying up late, working at night eating at an irregular time exposing the body to stress and fatigue, by improving in winter season we can stay healthy and also fit. Exercise and healthy food boosting are stamina.

The motto of the celebration is to learn the learners about seasons and what kind of things we can use in different seasons what we wear, what we eat, what we do in different seasons.

In winter we learn the children about warm clothes different foods as well as we can give knowledge about how the people of village and city enjoy it differently by using warm clothes, hot beverages healthy foods, vegetables, fruits and also spicy items. Here at our campus, we are making the learners know the winter season by different setups like snow, village, winter clothes stall, fruits, vegetables, medicine, hot beverages and also different cosmetic items.

Thus they know about the winter season

"In seed time lawn

In harvest teach

In winter enjoy"

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