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W – Wonderful Wife
O – Outstanding Friend
M – Marvelous Daughter
A – Adorable Sister
N – Nurturing Mother

The International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March every year. Its aim is to raise awareness about the status and dignity of women in the society.

Acknowledging, Women's Day was celebrated with great pomp and ceremony in our school to mark the Women’s importance. Mini Marathon for Mother Parent of our school was planned wherein approx 100 Mothers took part enthusiastically.

The stage was beautifully adorned with decorative materials. To Maintain sacred notion program started with Deep Prajvalan Ceremony to welcome deity to be present and empower women throughout program. Mothers were given warm up Zumba exercise before Marathon.

Then started Awaited Mini Marathon where mothers started running ahead with winning goal. Every steps taken as if they were showing values like success, courage, happiness, sacrifice etc.

The program ended with powerful, motivating speech delivered by Ms Sunita Hirpara(Principal) to encourage the women to fight for their rights and to strengthen their efforts.To motivate the participants,certificates were given.

Refreshment was also a part of it that refreshed all the MOTHERS.

This celebration brought fun, happiness, entertainment and a sense of unity among all.

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