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Assessment itself is a very big topic. It includes formative function where data collected is used to improve students' learning.

Student assessment is the process of evaluating students' abilities and achievements. While in some minds “Standardized Testing” is synonymous with “Student Assessment”. Student assessment actually encompasses a variety of ways to determine how students are progressing in their learning.

The three basic purposes of assessment to support learning;

  • Assessment for progress

  • Assessment for certification

  • Transfer need to enjoy appropriate attention to support quality education

"The first step towards assessment is to improve students’ learning."

The purpose of assessment is to gather relevant information about student performance or progress, or to determine student interests to make them understand about their learning activities.

If we want students to hold on to that beautiful gift of innate curiosity, we have to make it a priority to protect it, praise it, and make space for it in the classrooms.

By encouraging learners' wonder and recording their "I Wonder" questions, educators can view those questions holistically and use them to develop lessons and projects that will create learners' curiosity.

What are the creative ways to conduct our assessment in our Kindergarten?

  • Creating assignments.

  • Using concept map.

  • Using real objects, flash cards and wooden cutouts.

  • By using Montessori teaching aids.

An assessment plan outlines methods and tools that define clear expectations and standards for quality in products and performances. It also defines project monitoring checkpoints and methods to both inform the educators and keep learners on track.

Assessments can help the educators to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of each learner so we can adjust and guide students learning accordingly. By giving grade level assessments, we can track leaner’s performance and improve students learning.

Thus Assessment, is an integral part of the teaching learning process of our enthusiastic little learners.

"Today you will GLOW when you show, What you know !"
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