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"Working Together For The Future"

Learner wins are more worthwhile and meaningful when parents and educators collaborate to celebrate their success. So to celebrate learners’ success and to discuss other criteria, two-way communication between families and schools is necessary. Parents know and love their children. Their insight about their child’s needs is the most valuable data a teacher can have.

Since parents are not always directly involved in the classroom, regular conversations with educators can help them understand which subject areas their children are doing well in, and which ones they are struggling with. It can also help them feel valued and more confident in

engaging in the learning process. Considering we are organizing PEM on regular basis to interact with the parents. Working together for child’s development bringing lot many positive attitudes in learners. To enroll maximum participants PEM.

The main aim of the PEM was to detailed about MAKERS DAY COMPETITION and to bring maximum enrollment and for the same parents were explained and motivated through PPT to enroll their child’s name to give wings to their imagination. Parents showed positive attitude for the same.

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