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Workshop on NEP 2020: The Pathway Through Integral Education

National seminar followed by workshop on NEP 2020: The Pathway Through Integral Education.

Auro University organized a seminar on" NEP: 2020 The Pathway Through Integral Education" at Surat for two consecutive days. Distinguised speakers like Shri Alok Pandey, Mr. Ranjan Mittar, Dr. Anju Khanna, Dr. Jayanthy Ram chandran, Dr. Kamala Menon, Dr. Sharad Joshi, Dr, Anju Chazot, Dr. Beloo Mehra, Ms. Jayashree Ashok and Dr. Sahana U presented the seminar and conducted the workshop for the attendees. The two days seminar was on January 20th and 21st ,2023. Many educational leaders, Principals, Researchers, Teacher Trainers were present as the audience in this National seminar. Inaugural ceremony was done by Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Dr. Parimal Vyas. Shree Alok Pandey explained about Spiritual Development , Learners to leader,12- core values , believe in change and prayerful silence.

Expert talks was carried out by Shree Ranjan Mittar from Kolkata, Dr. Anju Kanna from Delhi. There were experimental workshops by Dr Kamla Menon. On second day Dr. Sharad Joshi stated about vital development, physical, spiritual education and four layers of mind. The guest of honour was Dr.Anju Chazot as she is the founder of Mahatma Gandhi International school with outstanding work "To know yourself."

Expert talks was carried out by Dr.Beloo Mehra from puducherry and experimental workshop by Dr.Sahana U.. She talked about beauty and art, learning Joy, spiritual education. The president of University shared his vote of thanks. The Presentation by Participants was excellent, all team members completed their duties with full confidence. The seminar was well attended by about 150 educators and principals from different schools of Surat.

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