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World English Language Day

English language day is celebrated on 23 th April, this date is traditionally observed as both the date of birth and death of " Sir William Shakespeare " .

The day is the result of a global

communications , establishing language days for each of the six official languages .

Knowing English in India today, has become very important . English is used in many fields more than any other language. English is important in India because most of the higher education books are printed in English.

English is the third most spoken language in the world. Language is the dress of thought. It is the expression of life , emotions and aspirations. When we were born the only language that we knew was " smile" and "cry" .

When we are happy , we smile and when we are sad, we cry . As we grow up we imitate the people around us and hence , begin to learn the language. The world is full of different language.

Our country which is a land of diversity has numerous languages too. The world has become a global village and to communicate effectively and exchange ideas, beliefs , technology.

There is no better medium than English Kids effortlessly learn English as they soak it up like a sponge . Being bilingual makes smarter At least the fundamental knowledge of English is essential when travelling to other countries to be able to ask for assistance , make conversation , etc. Apart from the kids and it's importance in the commercial arenas.

Thus English as a language is gaining more and more importance and is becoming a widely used global language, thus its value and importance can’t be denied.

Let’s keep up the spirit and celebrate “English language day” in its full Zeel & Zest.

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