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World Food Safety Day

(Healthy Foods and Tiffin)

When students returned to school after two years of Pandemic, parents were confusing about how to pack healthy tiffin! It wasn’t just children whose academic life was taken over by the pandemic, parents too lost touch with their daily schedule of waking up early in the morning to prepare lunch boxes for school and if we are compounding many other such dilemmas then we come to understand the fact that staying home made kids heavily dependent on food aggregators for home delivery of unhealthy eatables. As parents struggled with work from home, children and young adults developed an appetite for junk that seems hard to shake off.

So to solve all the queries and puzzle of the parents of our learners, we Shree H. J. English medium primary school has celebrated “World Food Safety Day” on 7th June, 2022. For that we have conducted workshop on “How to prepare nutritional and healthy tiffin for the children of 6 to 15 years in presence of mother parents of class 2nd and 3rd (all divisions) and girls of class 7th . As this year’s World Food Safety Day highlights the theme “Safer food, better health”. Safe food is essential to human health and well-being and is one of the most critical guarantors for good health. The benefits of safe food include improved nutrition and reduced absenteeism in schools and in the workplace.

The workshop was started with lamp lighting by guests, Principal Mr. Asish Debnath has welcomed all the guests and parents and welcome Mrs. Dharmi Patel, cooking expert in authentic cuisine on stage to take for further. She has shown some PPT Slide about some important tips and techniques of making healthy foods and tiffin box for children. She has also demonstrated some dishes like Oats Upma, Sprouts Pancake Roll, Pesto Bites, Multigrain Paratha, Peri Peri wrap, Mango Pancake, Oats Smoothie with the support of her cooking tools and the member of her team.

All parents were really happy and felt healthy by getting very nutritious information about various healthy dishes and tips of saving food.

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