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"World Soil Day"

"There can be no life without soil and no soil without life they have involved together."

Along with the water we drink and the air we breathe, the soil is one of our most important natural resources. We need to protect the soil by keeping it healthy and using it wisely.

Soil is the foundation of all life on earth without it, we couldn't grow the food we need to live. Soil provides food for animals as most food eaten by animals grow on soil acts prevent animals from flooding by absorbing rainwater there for preventing erosion.

Soil suppose roots and keep them upright for growth. Soils provide plants with essential minerals and nutrition. Soil provides air for gaseous exchange between root and atmosphere. Soil protect plants from erosion and any other destructive physical, biological and chemical activity.

At our campus, our educator explain the importance of soil through different activities like our nursery educator taught how to make alphabet and numbers from soil and also made them sow with fenugreek seeds. Jr. kg educator had taught how to make different types of fruits and also coloured those fruits with natural colours like turmeric powder, kumkum and food learners made utensils and different types of toys out of the soil and all these things are natural so it is not harmful to the learners

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