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World Tourism Day -2023

"Tourism and Green Investments."

Hay Viewers, as we know that World Tourism Day is started is celebrating from 1980. September 27 is significant for the celebration of World Tourism Day as it marks the anniversary of the adoption of statues by the The World Tourism Organization. Every year we promote tourism all over the world and make people aware of the fun and joy related to traveling.

As we gear up to celebrate the special day, In our school SHREE H.J. GAJERA VIDHYABHAVAN ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL,KATARGAM.

With an immense level of events with a dance which welcomes us to a Virtual Trip of the hidden gems of our world. We also enjoyed drama on importance of villages, positive effects of travelling on health. To entertain our audience we played riddle games talked about their bucket list places will they wish to travel.

We also had a speech on digital guiding system. We also got a lot of knowledge from our respect Principal Sir’s speech about his travel to different parts for our country. Our program ended with our national anthem. The joy of exploring the world is like nothing else. Experiencing different cultures, heritages, traditions and people of various countries helps us to broaden our perspectives and know that the world has so much to offer. Nature, wildlife, cities, jungles, oceans and mountains are some of the terrains that can be explored in the countries of the world.

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