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World Youth Skills Day

“Learning skills are undoubtedly helpful to us and we should keep learning as long as we live.”

Youth are the most important and dynamic segment of the population in any country. It is believed that developing countries with large youth population could see tremendous growth, provided they invest in young people's education, health and protect and guarantee their rights.

“Learning and living go hand in hand and the more you learn, the better you live.”

Every year World Youth Skills Day is celebrated on 15 July to recognize the importance of equipping young people. The theme for this year is 'Reimagining Youth Skills Post-Pandemic', which aims to celebrate the resilience and creativity of youth throughout the COVID-19 crisis. World Youth Skills Day focuses on the young people with skills for employment, decent work, development and industrialism.

The day provides a unique opportunity for young people, technical education and training institutions, firms, employers etc. The Skill India Mission was also launched on this day. This year also World Youth Skills Day will take place in a challenging task due to COVID-19 pandemic Situation many companies, industries, private sector have closed. In such a time where young people are called upon to contribute to the recovery effort, it is necessary for them to be provided with the skills to successfully manage upcoming challenges and therefore the skill development is main motto for better future.

This will help in preparing young people to develop their capacities to respond to rapid changes in employment among all sectors. Youth unemployment will be decreased which is the most significant problem facing today's economies and societies in the world for developed and developing countries as well.

“The world will never run out of things that you can take an interest in and develop some skills related to that.”

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